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Thanksgiving Driving Tips

by bdemarco


Thanksgiving Road Travel Tips

With upwards of 39 million drivers predicted to be travelling at least 50 miles from home this Thanksgiving, here are some tips to give you an advantage.

Watch the Weather reports. Novembers can either mean a beautiful 60 degree day or a Blizzard here in the Northeast. Check the forecast in advance and see if there are any advisories prior to making concrete travel plans.

Avoid Distracted Driving. If you have to use the phone please use hands free. It is the law in most states now. And by no means should you ever text and drive.

Watch out for our fuzzy little friends foraging for food this time of year especially the Deer that can cause significant damage to your car. They seem to be everywhere this time of year so please stay alert and aware.

Plan ahead and pack necessities to include a cell phone charger, snacks, and make sure you have the telephone numbers for roadside assistance and that all of your registration and insurance documents are valid and easy to access in case of emergency.

Make sure your vehicle is inspected and in safe working order. Proper tire inflation breaks etc…

Plan an alternate route. More travelers mean more cars on the roadways and potentially more accidents so be sure to have at least 1 alternate route planned to avoid huge delays. You can also try to plan your route along less popular roadways. Even if the mileage is a bit more you will likely make better time rather being stuck in gridlock traffic. You can also use a connected Navigator/GPS or even a copilot that can easily connect to a mobile app while in route to direct you and alternate way if need be. You can also use certain apps like Waze to show you trouble areas along your route and how to avoid them.

Leave at an awkward hour. Driving at night may not be fun but it is a great way to avoid the traffic saving you both time and stress. Make sure you get plenty of rest during the day so that you are not fatigued setting out on your long drive. This is also a great way to get the little ones to sleep for the entire trip.

Make your drive on Thanksgiving Day if possible. Generally the traffic is much lighter on Thanksgiving Day so planning to leave early in the morning should allow sufficient time to get you to your final destination.

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Leave Early from your trip. Do not wait until Sunday to make your return trip. Friday is the best day to hit the road for the return trip especially since tons of people will be spending the day out searching for Black Friday shopping deals. If you are able to maybe try taking off on Monday. You can spend one extra day with family and avoid all of the Sunday return traffic as well. It’s a win-win.

We here at Westtown Insurance Group wish you and your family a very Happy Thanksgiving and ask that you please be careful in your travels.


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