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Force Fitness

98 LaCrue Ave
Glen Mills, PA 19342

Force Fitness Group Classes: Each class starts off with a dynamic and unique warm up to get the heart rate up, the body stretched out, and to prepare for skills used in the workout. We then move to either a functional strength movement or a cardio interval. We measure progress by increasing weight, tempo, and/or volume or by decreasing times and rest periods. Then, we move on to the workout of the day, which is our metabolic conditioning. This is a short intense circuit from two to ten movements, varying from any combination of weight training, basic body weight movements, and cardio intervals. Each workout is scalable and can be done by any fitness level. Our mission to provide you with what you need to see the result you desire and to have fun getting there. Class times include 6am,7am,8am,9am,1pm,4pm,5pm,6pm
Value: Unlimited Classes, $120 per month
Westtown Insurance Group Discounts: Free week trial then 20% OFF when you show your insurance card

Force Fitness Personal Training: We offer one on one training with one of our experienced personal trainers. Each session is designed to fully meet your specific goals. We design programs for each member to get the results THEY desire. All personal training programs include nutritional consulting, homework to be done outside of the gym, and constant motivation to assure your goals are met. You can always bring a friend free of charge to your session without it affecting the quality of your session.
Value: $75 per session
Westtown Insurance Group Discounts: 12 sessions for 600 ($25 per session discount)

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Free Week Trial + 20% OFF Group Classes, $25 OFF Personal Training Sessions

98 LaCrue Ave
Glen Mills, PA 19342

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